C-Art 2017 Artist Membership

16th January 2017



C-Art Membership options 2017
Apply for C-Art 2017 opportunities here

Membership runs from May 2017 - May 2018


There are a number of membership and non membership options for artists and crafts people from £50 - £110 (ex. VAT).  (see fact sheet for more info)


Last year we raised over £78,000 in sales for Cumbrian Artists, connected our members with 26,000 visitors and raised a huge £74,000 worth of media coverage. See our 2016 EVALUATION


C-ART 2017 FAQ's

Why is the programme different this year?
We look at the feedback from artists and public and look at what improvements can be made. Actually we do this every year!
Why is the Open Studios element shorter in 2017?
We have had feedback for years from some artists telling us that they want C-Art to be shorter as they can not commit to long periods of time/want to go on holiday/want C-Art to be more like Spring Fling week-end etc etc.  We saw in visitor feedback that 80% of visitors do ALL their visits in a week-end, visiting between 1 and 6 studios. It feels like 2017 is the time to be shorter but bigger i.e. with the addition of the Artfair week-end we have created a more varied offer.
Why no catalogue?
Again, there has been a vocal group in feedback who want the various offers to cost less. The catalogue is a significant cost; we have tried to ask for donations towards the catalogue, and while there has been virtually no negative feedback from the public, artists have been resistant to the idea of asking for a contribution. We felt that this year we would reduce the costs in response to feedback.  This will enable us to focus on a wider distribution of more maps.

What are the dates?
The important dates for members are the Artfair at Rheged that will be on 8th, 9th, 10th September (coinciding with the launch of the C-Art Cumbrian Artist of the Year Exhibition 2017) and the Open Studios week-end will follow on the 15th, 16th, 17th September.

Can my studio or exhibition be open for longer?
Of course, it can be open all year if you want it to be! We can put this information on the C-Art website with your listing, and also publicise this through the C-Art facebook page and any press releases in the run up.

Can I host a workshop outside of the C-Art Festival?
Yes, it would be great to 'bridge the gap' between the Art fair and the Open Studios through workshops and other events. Again these will be publicised on the C-Art website and facebook page. If you run workshops throughtout the year, we can put this on the website, our enews' and facebook too - all year round, just let us know. 

If I am in a pop-up gallery can I specify the location later?
Absolutely, we understand it takes a bit of time to figure these things out. Please let us know, and apply as a pop-up, enter TBC in the fields you are unsure of. The membership goes live on the website in May therefore aim to have all this information in place by the beginning of April. 

I want to be involved, but I'm not sure of a venue
There are a number of castles, exhibition spaces, and other venues who have already been in touch and are interested in hosting artists for C-Art 2017. If you need to find a space, just email Bryoney at info@c-art.org.uk with some information about you, your work, and any spaces you have in mind.